12V DC to DC 5V Converter Circuit USB MC34063

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12V DC to DC 5V  Converter Circuit USB MC34063

DC to DC converter circuit in the car, car stereo mounted 12-volt battery into the tape used direct voltage of 5v, as reduces switching control IC MC34063 (StepUp Inverting Switching Regulator, Down) used. Input voltage: 8v … 40v-printed circuit board design pcb and the SPLA prepared with regular sprint layout prepared with schema files.



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    LED pixels PIC24FJ64GA004 Dynamic Tile Display

    The tiles are based on 2” square 8×8 LED displays. Each pixel in the display has a red and green LED. The LEDs are arranged in a matrix, with the red and green LEDs sharing a common cathode tied to the columns of the matrix, and individual connections for the red and green along the rows of the matrix. The matrix has 24 connections (8 columns, 8 red rows & 8 green rows).

    Underneath each display, a PIC24FJ64GA004 MCU drives the LEDs. This MCU has 35 I/O pins, 24 are used for directly driving the display. Since the MCU can’t quite sink enough current if all of the LEDs in a column are on, the column lines are connected through a ULN2803 Darlington transistor array to provide the necessary current drive.


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