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TFT LCD Üretim süreçleri (flash animasyon)

TFT LCD ekranlar mp4 oynatıcılar, cep telefonları labtoplar vb. bir çok cihazda kullanılıyor. auo.com AUO AU Optronics Corporation firması ürettiği TFT LCD ekranlar hakkında detaylı flash animasyonlar hazırlayıp paylaşıma sunmuş.

Array process: Thin film, Photolithography, Etching, Stripping

Cell process: Polyimide printing, Rubbing, Spacer spread, Sealant pattering, Liquid crystal dispensing, Assemble and Seal, Polarizer lamination

Module process: COG Process, FPC attachment, PCB mounting, Backlight mounting, Aging (Testing)

Entering the Array Process Cleaning : a major influence to yield rate Thin film deposition chemical layered onto glass substrate Photo resist coating Exposure: expose the substrate under UV light, shading the light selectively using the light mask The pattern on the light mask is transferred onto the glass substrate Enlarged view of a pixel, entering the development stage removes photo resist coating that is exposed under UV light Etching: removes the deposited film not protected by photo resist Stripping:removes remaining photo coating on the deposited film by spraying organic solvent onto glass substrate Completion of one Mask Process Generally, at least 5 mask process is needed to complete TFT Array

Sealant is patterned around the side of substrate and is used to glue TFT and CF plate together Entering the Cell Process for Color Filter substrate Rubbing Spacer Spreading secures the fixed cell gap when assembling the TFT and CF substrates

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