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Tek Katmanlı Toroid Endüktans Hesaplama Programı

Tek katmanlı toroid nüve sarımlarında endüktans hesaplaması için kulanılabilen basit kullanışlı bir program kurulum geektirmez ve 80kb boyutunda toroid nüve boyutu toroid nüve türü, sarılacak telin turu vb. gibi bilgileri girdikten sonra sonuları verior.. Hazırlayan: K1QW

inductance calculator – single layer toroid

this program calculates inductance vaule and winding information for a single layer
inductor wound on either a powdered iron or feritte toroidalcore. To use program, follow these steps;

1: select metric (mm) or english (inches) unit of length.
2: select type of core material (powdered iron or feritte).
3: use the drop down menus to select from industry standart desingations for a specific core
size an material

4: in the frame labeled “calculate” enter a target inductance vaule and/or number of turns

5: click on the “solve for.” button for the parameter you want. the program
will display the desired result in the appropriate text box.

the maximum size of wire that can be accommodated in the selected core is displayed, as well as the
required total length of wire (not including any allowance for external leads)

core dimesions are also shown, analog code information and suggested frequency range.

NOTE: For more information on individual itens, click on the question mark
(?) in the title bar and then on an item in the dialog box.


Tek Katmanlı Toroid Endüktans Hesaplama Programı

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-19547.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com