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PIC16F876A ile Anten Kontrolü X-Y pic basic

X-Y Anten, motor kontrol devresi PIC16F876A üzerine kurulu 4 adet buton ile kontrol yapılabiliyor yazılımı Microcode Studio Plus ve Pic basic ile hazırlanmış kaynak .bas kodu ve pcb dosyaları var.


Control System Antennas (X and Y)

This is the second version of the plate created since the first try performed by taking the food from any USB port computer and avoid having a source of food, but given the consumption of 2 engines (in my case, to serve as a model aircraft 3.2 kg. force even) I desistimado the first version and in this second I have things improved version of the first.

Data from the plate:

PIC: 16F876A (Microchip)
Speed: 4 Mhz
Programming: frontend Microcode Studio Plus + Picbasic 2.46
4 Buttons Position X and Y
1 reset button Software
4 out of 5 Volt Regulated
1 input voltage (between 7.4 and 18 volts) – Blue connector
1 input voltage (between 7.4 and 18 volts) – Black Connector
1 Regulator LM7805 (regulating the voltage to 5 volts)
1 connector ICSP for Programming INBOARD (without having to make the Micro) + Debugging
2 direct connections to 2 Servos / motors with their food regulated 5V
2 Connecting for data transmission to the outside or with other CIP (TX – RX)

Proje dosyaları: PIC16F876A ile Anten Kontrolü X-Y pic basic

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-1244.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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