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PIC16F876 sharp gp2d12 sn754410 sumo robot ccs c

Tasarımı gayet güzel bir sumo robot tasarımı ve kontrol devresi pic 16f876 üzerine kurulu motor sürücü lm293d çisim algılama için sharp gp2d12 sensörler kullanılmış donanım ve yazılım hakkında detaylı (ingilizce) bilgiler ek dosyalarda verilmiş (.doc) tüm kaynak CCS C yazılımları bulunuyor. Suma robot gövdesi çok iyi tasarlanmış oldukca güçlü görünüyor çeşitli robot projeleri için feyz alınacak bir gövde tasarımı olmuş

Sumo wrestling is a sport that originated in Japan, and typically involves two very large men trying to push each other out of a circular ring area. The robotic version of sumo wrestling involves two autonomous robots that try to push each other out a circular ring. Robotic sumo wrestling is very popular in Japan, with thousands of robots and tens of thousands of spectators at a large competition.

Several of the hardware features of the 16F876 are used, including:

Two channel hardware pulse width modulation (PWM) is used to provide precise control over the speed of the two motors, without using up any processor time.

Four analog to digital converters (ADC) are used to interface to two range-finder and two edge-detector sensors.

One 16 bit hardware timer (Timer1) is used to increment a 32 bit integer millisecond counter, used for various timing functions.

In the future, a close-range IR sensor will be added to Seeker II, and the 38 kHz pulse required will be driven by Timer0, an 8-bit hardware timer.

The hardware UART is used both to program the PIC using the bootloader, and also to run a menu-driven debug system that allows me to test and calibrate the motors and sensors.

The data EEPROM is used as a simple log to show state transitions – as the robot changes state, the current state is stored. If the robot exhibits strange behavior, I can see what state transitions led up to the behavior, which can be a great aid in debugging. The debug menu provides functions to display and erase the data EEPROM.

sumo-robot-kasa-cad ccsc-sumo-robot sumo-robot sumo-robot-govde


Sumo robot proje detayları ve dosyalar : Seeker2 mini-sumo robot alternatif link PIC16F876 sharp gp2d12 sn754410 sumo robot ccs c

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-7302.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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