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PIC16F876 Roland DG CMU-800 Midi Modifikasyonu

Roland DG CMU-800 SYNTH DRUM cihazına midi özelliği için 16f876 mikro denetleyici ile hazırlanan midi kontrol devresi

roland-cmu800-midi amdek_roland_cmu800_midi_kit

Taking into account the built-in console, PIC 16F876 using a simple configuration was possible. MIDIPICUSART Once he is in the MIDI signal optocouplers, PIC’s USART receive function. PICPORTADIN SYNCLED—PORTBCMU-800—PORTC PIC is the PORTA DIN SYNC output and LED indicator, PORTB the CMU-800 data bus, PORTC is used to control address bus.

# Simple and low cost.
# MIDI-KIT, and built entirely on the body, possible modifications to the lower body.
# MIDI in 1 ~ 8ch the CV, GATE of the match in 1 ~ 8ch.
# MIDI instrument’s built-in 1 ~ 6ch melody, based on the code (sound) to be supported.
# Rhythm instrument MIDI10ch, GM to use the map.
# TEMPO KONTORU the CMU-800 is not used.
# TR-808 and MC-4 to control the subject, DIN SYNC output set.(MIDI clock synchronization timing)

Demo [mp3]http://320volt.com/ses/cmu800demo.mp3[/mp3]

Kaynak: Amdek Roland DG CMU-800 for modification of MIDI alternatif link: PIC16F876 Roland DG CMU-800 Midi Modifikasyonu

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