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PIC16F876 Pulse width modulation PWM Motor Hız Kontrol

Devre 16f876 mikro üzerine kurulu yazılım CCS PCM derleyicisi ile hazırlanmış PIC çıkışında hex fet IRL1004 mosfet ile motor sürülüyor PWM frekansı 10 kHz. Devrenin eagle ile hazırlanmış pcb baskı devre dosyası ve kaynak yazılımı var.

pwm_motor_pcb_ccs pwm_motor_speed_irl1004_ccs_c PIC16F876-PWM-Motor-kontrol-ccsc

The PWM frequency is about 10 kHz and does not make a noise in the motor.The 5 K Ohm potentiometer is connected to ADC input channel 0 and is converted to 1024 (10 bit) value, this value is applied to the PWM control and produces very smooth speed control. The HEXFET type IRL1004 has extremely low on resistance (0.009 Ohm) and requires only logic level drive, in this application it does not get warm even when controlling 1 Amp motor current. according the IRL1004 data sheet it can handle much higher motor current


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