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Paralel port dijital analog çevirici ses çıkış tda7050

Lpt paralel port çıkışını ses çıkışı olarak kullanmak için basit bir devre çıkış katında sesi kuvvetlendirmek için tda7050 kullanılmış bu entegre genelde mp3 çalarlarda, kulaklıklarda kllanılıyor besleme şase ve ses giriş uçlarına dikkat edilerek farklı entegrelerde kullanılabilir örneğin tda2822


Active Covox (D / A converter to a parallel port) So I once thought that I could for my old laptop (Dell Latitude P120/16MB RAM, no sound card) to try to build this crazy, you guys had built in the days when he stood some SoundBlaster 10000, -. So I do not remember those times, but this connection has something to it. My requirements were such that I could listen to headphones, powered directly from Covox LPT without other auxiliary sources, amplifiers and the like. But when I researched about it, so I thought it was stupid to do it in small burden resistors and output directly to the headphones, IMHO it threw the load nicely. So I decided to make another variant – friend advised me circuit TDA7050 for 30, – (GME), which I used as a built-in amplifier powered from the remaining lines LPT. Circuit has already operate from 1.6 V above. Output impedance is 32ohm. Resistor R-2R network I did the 10k and 20k 1% SMD resistors. The whole I did it stick them on double-sided printed circuit board (yes, I made ​​do with lihovkou) into the housing cannon connector.

Kaynek: http://rayer.ic.cz/elektro/covox.htm (kapalı) alternatif link: Paralel port dijital analog çevirici ses çıkış tda7050

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-8855.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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