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N-Kanal Mosfet ile 200w 350w 400w 500w Anfiler

N-Kanal IRFP260,IRFP450,IRFP240,IRF840 Mosfet Serisi ile kaliteli güç anfi devreleri tüm detaylar var (ingilizce) Özellikle Resimdeki benim hoşuma gitti :) TO220 ve TO247 Kılıfları için iki farklı pcb var

PCB Dosyalarının hazır yazdırılabilir PDF Formatları bulunmakta Ayrıca Sprintlayout ile hazırlanmış Kaynak .lay uzantılı pcb dosyalarıda bulunmakta devrelerin beslemesi çıkış güçlerine göre +-50v ile +-90 volt arası değişiyor Dikkatli Olun Tüm modeller Simetrik besleme ile çalışmaktadır


ACTRK400 / 600

This amplifier is the result of input by many people. Inspired originally by a close friend and with my joint collaboration several versions were built in the 1990’s. Developed from an original Siemens early design changes included cascode first and second stages, auxiliary drive rails plus other circuit and component changes to ensure stability. When first introduced at DIY Audio in March 2005, the circuit was further developed with the help of a few dedicated members with the end result being a unique, powerful and flexible design.

The amplifier can be built to suit a wide range of power needs with a practical limit of about 700 watts into a 4 ohm load. Higher powers can be achieved with minor changes but this is beyond the scope of my intentions.

The amplifier is ideally suited to high power PA applications.


This is the bi-polar output stage version of the Nmos350 / 500. The board was designed to take TO3 transistors that people might have around the place. Depending on the quality of the components used, the size and quality of the power supply plus the final layout, a very high quality power amplifier can be built.


Spawned from the Nmos350 / 500 this amp was intended for use in multi-channel systems. By comparison the board is a lot smaller whilst still able to deliver around 200 watts into 4 ohms.

NMOS350 / 500

This amplifier was created from my ideas and also from the ideas by members of DIY Audio. It intended as a high quality and powerful amplifier for domestic use.


N-Kanal Mosfet Anfi Devrelerine ait şema pcb dosyaları: N-Kanal Mosfet ile 200w 350w 400w 500w Anfiler

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-847.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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