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Model Helikopter İçin Akü Alarm Devresi ATtiny13

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Atmel ATtiny13 mikrodenetleyici üzerine kurul olan devre model helikopterin aküsünün voltajını kontrol ediyor akü (ya da pil) voltajı belirlenen düzeye geldiğinde devre led, buzer ile alam veriyor. ATtiny13 PB2, PB1, PB0 pinleri ve şase arası kısa devre yaplılarak belirli voltajlarda alarm ayarlanabiliyor devrede çok az malzeme var smd elemanlar ile baskı devre hazırlansa pcb çok daha küçük olur.

Battery alarm for model helicopters

In the model aircraft enjoy lithium polymer batteries (abbreviated Li-Po) very popular, but they, unlike their counterparts in mobile phones, cameras or portable media players, no built-in protection circuit. What this means for the user that he must be vigilant in seeing that the sensitive battery during charging and discharging is not damaged.

When you load one need most to worry, there are good chargers specifically for model or the model is the same for a suitable charger. Somewhat more problematic is the discharge – here, you naturally want to take advantage of the battery capacity as possible, on the other hand, should not the battery voltage falls below the permissible limit of 3.0 V per cell. Some models indicate these critical flight condition with an LED, but this is not always recognized in time. For this reason I developed the following circuit. This monitors the battery voltage in the flight model and shows by intense flashes of high brightness LEDs in time, the impending discharge of the battery. It can still be landed safely and the battery is protected against deep discharge.



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