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MC9S08QG8 ile Bluetooth Kontrollü Robot

Side-plate is used mainly to connect a Bluetooth module and the robot is without a fully functional, but it is not possible to wirelessly control.Mechanical construction is due to the use of the Best work very simple. The body of the robot is constructed of copper wire, such as power supply is used four AAA Ni-MH cells and wheels are mounted flat on the transmission shaft, which is already part of a motorcycle. Wireless control the robot via Bluetooth is control Programs and source code

The most important component main boards and thus the whole robot is MC9S08QG8 Freescale microcontroller in the case PDIP16 (IC1). UART, SPI a I2C. He has, for example, 8k bytes of flash memory for the program, 512 bytes of RAM, a 16-bit timer, one 8bit timer and communication interface UART, SPI and I2C. His HCS08 core optimized for programs translated into the source code from the C language may be due from an external source and frequency of 20MHz. maximum frequency adjustable internal resources stepping, which employed 8.3712 MHz.

bluetooth-kontrollu-gsm-robot gsm-robot model-maket-araba-uzerinde-gsm-robot

Flash memory in the microcontroller is needed through BDM interface to load a program that can be downloaded here. This program takes care of turn on the engine using the couple IRF7303 MOSFET transistor (T1), which are integrated in a single housing SO8. Transistors are capable of operating current and 3.5 A, which is due to the engines used more than sufficient.

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