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MAX1811 usb port beslemeli lipo li-ion pil şarj devresi

MAX1811 usb portu üzerinden pil şarj etmek için üretilmiş bir entegre çok az malzeme ile devre kurulabiliyor devrede şarj durumu ledler ile gözlemlenebiliyor ayrıca 4.1 volt 4.2 volt voltaj seçimleri ve 100ma 500ma şarj akımı seçilebiliyor beslemeli lipo li-ion pil şarj devresi devrenin eagle ile hazırlanmış pcb ve şema dosyaları bulunmakta




The MAX1811 is a single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery charger that can be powered directly from a USB port* or from an external supply up to 6.5V. It has a 0.5% overall battery regulation voltage accuracy to allow maximum utilization of the battery capacity. charger uses an internal FET to deliver up to 500mA charging current to the battery. The device can be configured for either a 4.1V or 4.2V battery, using the SELV input. The SELI input sets the charge current to either 100mA or 500mA. An open-drain output (CHG) indicates charge status. MAX1811 has preconditioning that soft-starts a near-dead battery cell before charging. Other safety features include continuous monitoring of voltage and current and initial checking for fault conditions before charging.

  • Charges Single-Cell Li+ Batteries Directly from USB Port
  • 0.5% Overall Charging Accuracy
  • Minimal External Components
  • Input Diode Not Required
  • Automatic IC Thermal Regulation
  • Preconditions Near-Depleted Cells
  • Convenient Power SO-8 Package (1.4W)
  • Protected by U.S. Patent # 6,507,172

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