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L297 L298 ile Bipolar Unipolar Motor Sürücü Devreleri

This is a Unipolar Driver controlled flow until 4A 35V, allows us to control engines 5, 6 or 8 wires in unipolar configuration. Al igual que en el driver bipolar de 2A se As in the driver bipolar 2A uses the integrated L297 which interprets the signals from the interface and controls Mosfet IRLZ24N that have been used in the phase of power. To use the current control that integrates the L297 is necessary to add some NAND gates between the signals coming out of the L297 and the gates of skunks, thereby increasing the PWM signal that regulates the flow provided by the L297 to interference from the gates Nanda interrupt the signals that go to each mosfet generating asíi the choping in the coils of the engine



Kaynak: Driver Unipolar 4 A 35V

This is a driver with Bipolar control flow to 2A This consists primarily of two integrated, the L297 and L298. El L298 contiene The L298 includes two bridge H integrated necessary to control the two coils of a motor bipolar, the L297 is responsible for monitoring such as bridges H signals coming from the interface (step, enable address, etc.) in addition to managing control stream.


Kaynak: Driver Bipolar 2A

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