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Keil mcb2130 lpc2138 proton precession magnetometer

The highly true parallel Cation Precession Meter is designed around a Keil MCB2130 assessment surface. The on-board LPC2138 microcontroller samples a attractive facility and implements an germinal rule to canvass the communication. This method results in determination advisable than 1 nT and restored sound condition over technical magnetometers.

Program for the ATTiny26 controller in my linear analogue PPM board. Basically, in the program, the whole thing is controlled by a single line in to the INT0 pin of the controller. When this goes high, the controller is awakened from sleep, starts the polarization sequence and holds it on till this line drops low. At that time, the controller starts the turn-off sequence and, when finished, goes to sleep


Digital Signal Processing

The discussion in previous sections assumed that the method of determining precession frequency was to measure the time taken for a number of cycles of the precession signal. In this method, the precession signal is essentially squared and counted. The principal disadvantage of this method is that noise spikes due to ancillary circuits may cause errors in the count. An error of one count will give a very large error in the calculated magnetic field.

source files: Keil mcb2130 lpc2138 proton precession magnetometer

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