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Gitar Stüdyo 400 Watt Güç Amplifikatörü

The administration, indicating and switching located on the front and back panels. For each of the entrances there is a regulator of the amplifier input to establish the necessary sensitivity. STEREO MONO. Amplifier can be operated in two modes – STEREO and MONO. In mono amplifier inputs are connected in parallel, which allows free entry to use the remainder as a linear way for further increases in the number of working in parallel amplifiers. – . Stereo-mono switch is located on the rear panel. 220v 250v At the rear panel also located the nest entrance, the network fuse, the output terminals, the switch-voltage switch 220/250 V and damping factor. The switch allows you to change the damping factor damping acoustic systems and consequently the nature of their sound


The main technical characteristics:

Nominal input voltage 1,1 V (+3 dB)
Nominal sine power per channel, limited distortion of 1%:
4 400 4 Om 400 W
8 220 8 ohms 220 W
Range of operating at frequencies uneven -0.5 dB 20-20000 Hz
The speed of rising output . In 25 / mkS

10,01 % no more: at a frequency of 1 kHz 0,01%
0,1 % in a working band 0,1%
/+.96 Signal to Noise + background . 96 dB
Damping factor switchable .
Tension pitaniya.220V/50-60 Hz
Limit stress tolerance in the network 170-270 V
The minimum allowable load resistance 2,5 Om
Dimensions . 482 * 430 * 90 mm
Weight . 16 kG

Şema ve PCB Dosyaları (Pcad 4.5): Gitar Stüdyo 400 Watt Güç Amplifikatörü

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-3047.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com