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Gaz Dedektör ATtiny45

Gaz Dedektör ATtiny45 projesine ait kaynak kodlar devre şeması pcb baskı devre çizimleri ve detaylı anlatımı (ingilizce) var Devrede Atmel attiny 45 mikrodenetleyici kullanılmış.


Tiny Gas Detector Circuit A simple project to build a smart gas alarm fully controlled by the Atmel ATtiny45 chip

Gas sensors are employed in a wide range of applications in the fields of safety, health, instrumentation etc… Common examples are domestic/commercial alarms for explosive or toxic gases or in automotive application, as gas leakage detectors for LPG powered cars and exhausts detectors inside any fuel-powered truck/car. Such sensors, nowadays, are found also in applications involving air quality control systems and pollution monitoring.

This project aims to show how the Atmel AVR ATtiny45, by means of its peripherals such us ADC, timers and internal temperature sensor, fits perfectly this application and it can be employed to replace a lot of external components while adding extra functionalities at a cost comparable to a simple integrated

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