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High-current Nicad Battery Charger Circuit

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Nickel–cadmium battery charging circuit There are two versions of the charging circuit Nacad first BJT (mje2955) and the other MOSFET transistor (2sj295) not much of a difference between the output transistor circuit modified

LED D1 D2 shows the power supply input LED indicates that the battery is full the LED D3 of the circuit indicate that the battery is connected

Charge current can be increased by changing the resistance value in the circuit, the R8 model, especially the model ideal for people dealing with jobs already the author of a charging circuit model used in this work is dealing with the shared circuit

Charge current R8 R8 power
250ma 3.3Ω 05w
500ma 1.5Ω 1w
1a 0.68Ω 2w
1.5a 0.47Ω 2w
2a 0.33Ω 3w

Nickel–cadmium battery charger

High current Nicad Battery Charger Circuit pil sarj devresi nicad charger

source homepages.paradise.net.nz High-current Nicad Battery Charger Circuit schematic pcb files alternative link : high-current-nicad-battery-charger-circuit.rar

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