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PIC18F4520 Web Server Circuit ASP-NET

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Picproj on the forums “lojikmemo1” named members share a project with asp.net crafted interface over the PIC18F4520 control LCD screen on the two-line inscription yardırıl able circuit and computer communication between the MAX232 integrated achieved by developing open a sample project who contributed to the person who prepares thanks to forum topics over the WEB data management (LCD) has shared the information below on the same topic

I have seen on the Internet “device control via the web” with the name unfortunately insufficient in many applications. The reason I say this, many of these applications directly over IP data communication on the board. But it’s a little difficult because our lives into ADSL. In the past when there are 56K fax modem pc z modem’s ip address ip address was at the same time, but now the situation has changed. Our host serves as an ADSL modem and an IP address to connect to the internet itself, taking us by giving us another rope allows us to connect to the internet through it

PIC18F4520 Web Server Project Schematic

PIC18F4520 Web Server Circuit ASP NET pic16f4520 aspnet lcd devre semasi 150x150

This process is called Routing over IP with PCs running programs due to pc not sending data to the modem but the modem only (default setting) 80 PORTD for incoming HTTP transactions that take into account our program does not work. Only LAN can work with. (Of course, those who know this job well you know the solution to this problem, but this solution is not for everyone.)

Returning to the project in question here are some advantages. First, the client (ie the client to send data to the host PC connected) yüklenmiyor.istemc any program to your pc with Internet Explorer as a normal page opens, enter the ip address of the host page displays. Connecting with LAN ip for the host. Web from anywhere in the world that is being used to connect the modem’s ips.

Modem previously http transactions to be routed to the host machine. In this way we connect directly to the host. Please refer to the ADSL port forwarding process and modems www.google.co’s manuals. The client sends to the LCD display, enter the text to the page where the popup menu is displayed on the LCD and enter everything over.

PIC18F4520 Web Server Circuit ASP NET asp net lcd yazdirma uzak test arayuz 150x150 PIC18F4520 Web Server Circuit ASP NET asp net lcd yazdirma uzak test 150x150 PIC18F4520 Web Server Circuit ASP NET pic18f4520 internet kontrol testok 150x150

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