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PCB Using Laser Toner Transfer Ironing Printed Circuit Board

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Earlier laser printer PCB output took coated paper and supplied with the printed circuit board in preparing Yucel Basic brother’s prepared a letter (Iron and Easy Printing Circuit Board (PCB) Preparation) I shared where you can watch videos or still with the same method of printed circuit boards is preparing process how to do video better You can understand

Initially suitably cut to the size of the drawing pcb copper plaque (phenolic) are heated with iron on a4 paper konulup whereby a short-term plaque toner transferred by ironing.

Ironing PCB Using Laser Toner Transfer

Then transferred from the laser printer on glossy paper cut according to a plaque pcb drawing board with a plaque is placed on each side until coated paper carefully plaque adheres to ütüleniy

Ironing operation after a basin of warm water and coated paper softened it may take some time 5 .10 minutes, coated paper softens after rough sections manually remainder is the toothbrush to be cleaned with started the latest soapy water again and cleaning is done after that etching…

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