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PIC18F2455 OBD2 USB to RS232 converter circuits

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USB-to-RS232 converter on desktop computers COM port does not work well, but most of them are not useful for notebook laptop com-port Serial not found. Based on PIC18F2455 microcontroller circuit diagram hex driver software and observation programs there.

USB OBD2 adapter on PIC18F2455 on pc desktops the rs-232 serial ports are about to disappear from most computers (especially from laptops), replaced by the usb connection. this project was begun as a response to build simple iso9141-2/14230-4 elm323 compatible usb adapter for on board diagnostic (obd2) monitoring.

Source: http://www.obddiag.net/projects.html USB to RS232 converter circuits Alternative link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1f4fe57nuf8ooff

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