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USB Port Audio Out USB Audio DAC project using the computer’s USB port can receive audio output source PCM2902 and used LP2951CM Eagle has PCM2902 Scheme and PCB files.

Circuit includes DAC, ADC, SPDIF output, input and HID part with 3 buttons for MUTE, VOL+ and VOL-. I used only DAC part. Other parts are not used. For high quality playback is needed to use external low-drop voltage stabiliser for DAC part. I used LP2951CM which was available at local store. Output voltage is set to about 3.7V with two resistors. Circuit board is designed regarding to good ground placement and separating of analog and digital ground. These ground are connected in one point at USB connector.


USB Port Audio Output usb audio dac

USB Port Audio Output usb audio dac pcm2902

Source: pavouk.org/ USB Port Audio Output pcb schematic alternative link: USB Port Audio Output-usb-audio-dac.rar

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