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UC3843 UCC37322 ETD29 12v 18v 5a DCDC convertor


DC-DC converter circuit uc3843 based on the power MOSFET driver 2 adet 50n06 (60V N kanal mosfet) bu mosfetleri sürmek için ucc37322 (mosfet driver) with 3843 amplified output diode output in the two bys28-90 dual common cathode 90 Volt 12.5 Amp rating of the circuit's output voltage can be adjusted Schottky diode (12Was 26volt) 5 18volt amps set to

Etd29 used transformer winding wire used in 3 0.8mm line connecting pieces 15 Hemmed round

Dcdc converter circuit diagram,pcb details and other drawings Here

uc3843-dcdc-cevirici-konvertor-donusturucu 18volt-dcdc

  • Output Current: 5A 18V (10Ampere instant)
  • Input voltage: 10 15DC
  • Operating Frequency: 40kHz
  • Productivity:% 95
  • Output voltage: 12 26In
  • Maximum output power 100W
  • Low-voltage protection : 9,2In

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