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UC3842 SMPS Power Supply Circuit EI33

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SMPS power supply circuit 80 turns on the primary winding 40 +40 will be two seventh round after the first 40 will be wrapped around the top of the secondary supply uc3842 ninth round of last 40 laps of the primer more

primary 0.3mm
uc3842 supply 0.5mm 9 rounds
secondary 0.5mm wire 4 pralel

Driver MOSFETs BUZ90, BUZ92, IRF830, P6N60 The power supply wykonalem with zalegajacych stocks on the shelf. Needed quickly to do a little stable and efficient power supply to power the LCD monitor. The power supply can be of course used for other purposes as well as modify the in order to obtain other tensions output.

UC3842 Switch mode power supply

UC3842 SMPS Power Supply Circuit EI33 uc3842 12v pcb

Source: janek.skawina.com.pl UC3842 SMPS Power Supply Circuit pcb schematic alternative link: uc3842-smps-power-supply-circuit-ei33.rar

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