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For all the television remote control (just off)

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90% of all leisure joke circuit television (including plasma, LCD) is said to work 30 … 50 meters in open space closes the television. Circuit made ​​ATTINY85V-10 micro-controller circuit with two 1.5v AA battery is working with quality alkaline batteries be used in the operating performance of the circuit increases.

This project transmits a bunch of TV POWER codes, one right after the other, with a pause in between each. (To have a visible indication that it is transmitting, it also pulses a visible LED once each time a POWER code is transmitted.) That is all TV-B-Gone does. The tricky part of TV-B-Gone was collecting all of the POWER codes, and getting rid of the duplicates and near-duplicates (because if there is a duplicate, then one POWER code will turn a TV off, and the duplicate will turn it on again (which we certainly
do not want)

Source: ladyada.net Remote control circuit Alternative link: for-all-the-television-remote-control-just-off.rar alternative link 2 universal-tv-off.rar

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