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Transformerless Led Lighting Led Lamp Circuit

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Transformerless circuit with 220V AC LED lamp is working . Half -polar LEDs 1 uF capacitor to run the transformer is used instead . High- voltage transformerless all LEDs are connected in series to study the drawing of printed circuit boards have prepared accordingly during installation of the LEDs + – do not confuse ends .

The amount of light lamps can be used as night work is not bad . Sink, small rooms , hallway lighting in places like enough. Use of LEDs that you have McD ( light power) not less than 2000 .. Transformerless about 55 pieces of white LEDs in LED lighting circuit is used.

CAUTION Transformerless Led Lamp Circuit is working with high voltage capacitor connection Observe caution + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit , protective glasses and gloves

LED lighting circuit diagram of transformerless simple ;

Transformerless Led Lighting Led Lamp Circuit trafosuz led lamba sema led light circuit main 220v

Materials to be used on a few let me tell you first PCB drawing on the no insurance optionally not use it, but the insurance would suggest using at least 220V AC power cord can be plugged into the market small type glass fuses there .. .1 uf 400v capacitor value on the material 1uF writing as you can usually “105” author also operating voltage 250V AC or 275V AC can write you can use them + 20 Ohm resistor located only on departure will be at least 1W

Transformerless Led Lighting Led Lamp Circuit led lamba led lighting circuits trafosuz led

Transformerless Led Lighting Led Lamp Circuit enerji tasarruflu lamba led aydinlatma

Transformerless Led Lighting Led Lamp Circuit pcb 220v led 230v led ekonomik aydinlatma

Proteus ARES pcb circuit diagram of LED lighting:transformerless-led-lighting-led-lamp-circuit.rar

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