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TQFP100 DIP Converters

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So far TQFP100 as multi-legged bids in DIP breakout I have not seen already size because of that it generated not think they will, but though using pulled because I think on a breadboard use would be very easy other inverters or for PCBs to be prepared, or a whole bunch of cables to solder need a the TQFP100 microcontroller breadboard for use with DIP100 converter been prepared very nice :)

TQFP100 DIP Converters smd to dip tqfp to dip adapter solderless breadboards

TQFP100 DIP100 adapter of project photos alex-avr2.livejournal.com/11651.html pcb mikrocontroller.net/topic//234512 PCBs alternative link for drawing TQFP100 DIP Converters.rar

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