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TPA3106D1 Class-D Power Amplifier Projects Ecc83 JCM800 Preamp

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The involvement of the preamplifier This is a long-established involvement with tubes type ecc83. This involvement is used by legendary guitar amps Marshall JCM 800

After studying the issue, I decided for the implementation of digital audio amplifier using the circuit TPA3106 D1 of the firm Texas Instruments. The picture sleeve is located on the fig. 7, In came into consideration also the circuits of the company Maxim, however, the parameters of the circuits they were not so interesting. In the selection I was making this decision according to several aspects, and according to the the size and type of housing, so this housing in order to later implement on the board pcb, output performance, which has a sufficient safety margin in low-distortion signal, the opportunity to work in 4 ! i 8 ! burden, the signal to noise ratio, and many others. An important the argument also was that the manufacturer provides test samples for free.

Class-D Power Amplifier TPA3106D1 Circuit

TPA3106D1 Class D Power Amplifier Projects  Ecc83 JCM800 Preamp tpa3106d1 class d amplifier guitar amps marshall jcm 800

The selected digital class d audio amplifier TPA3106 D1 is monophonic with a maximum an output power of 40 Watts. This integrated circuit also includes protection against overheating and short circuit protection of the output circuit. After short-circuiting the output of the amplifier is the output of the amplifier automatically disconnected, and this state is indicated by the TTL logic signals to the other circuits. The circuit can also work with other audio amplifiers of the same class. Amplifier it can therefore operate in two modes, Master or Slave. In Master mode, this amplifier the managing member and generates a basic control signal (clock signal) for the other audio the amplifiers, which are in Slave mode. This way you can design a multi-channel amplifier composed of multiple circuits. The amplifier operates with a supply voltage in the range of from 10 to 26 In and is possible to use even in automotive technology.

TPA3106D1 Class D Power Amplifier Projects  Ecc83 JCM800 Preamp audio amplifier tpa3106 d1 circuit schematic

TPA3106D1 Class D Power Amplifier Projects  Ecc83 JCM800 Preamp marshall jcm 800 schematic tube preamp circuit

The frequency of the pulse code modulation is adjustable in the range from 200 kHz to 300 kHz. Pulse code modulation. The duty cycle of the output pulses varies depending on the frequency of the input analog signal. After filtration of the high-frequency components by a filter type low-pass filter we get on the output of the amplifier, again an analog signal. Circuit TPA3106 D1 is the manufacturer comes in housing HLQFP, which has 32pinové arrangement of inputs and outputs. In the implementation itself the circuit I came out of the engagement, which the manufacturer recommends in the datasheet of the integrated circuit.

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