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TOP261 Amplifier Power Supply Class D Smps

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The smps power supply of the amplifier, as is indicated must have a few output voltages. This source must be powerful enough to be able to cover the power demands of the terminal degree. The source can be realized as linear, or as a source of power. Each of these types of sources has its advantages and disadvantages.

TOP261 Amplifier Power Supply Class D Smps top261 switch mode power supply circuit

Among the positive characteristics of switching power supply belongs to high the efficiency, small dimensions and low weight. The disadvantage is the complicated construction due to the source of the linear. Linear sources have a lower efficiency and at high power they have the large dimensions and high weight . To implement the source for the switching power output stage was selected the source of the switching concept. The advantage of this resources will also be relatively simple realization of the multiple output branches with different voltages.

Smps Circuit

TOP261 Amplifier Power Supply Class D Smps top261 schematic switch mode power supply circuit

Proposal for engagement with the TOP261 smps Proposal for the involvement of auxiliary components for proper operation of the smps circuit was used the program PIExpert smps desing. Input data for this software are the type of smps circuit, the output voltage and the desired performance. The output is the overview diagram with the recommended values of the components.

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