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2x32 Volt Supply with TL494 SMPS for Car Amplifier

TL494 2X32 Volt car amplifier için SMPS Besleme

I went into the business of auto amplifier :) 2I'm thinking of a supply circuit of the second amplifier x100w×32 volt output smps circuit over symmetric varmediğinden highest possible load tests are counted, but failed completely switched off, though I have no doubt a kit ready for sale (AVT 2732)

The original version of the circuit AVT2732 Kit

SMPS circuit above dcdc + – 32 for the Volt etd34 1mm wire for two primary pralel 2×5 permits tur secondary tek 1mm counted 2×12 turn

Auto SMPS circuit diagram


In addition to +12 PC power supply volt input section of planted + 5 If the filter coil volt outputs added +12 increased by an additional two pieces of filter coils and capacitors used output volt 2200uF 50 volt paralel

I did the first experiments with pc power supply transformer (ei33) I wanted to test the transformer according to the situation before the appropriate dealing with the wrap Ferrite corechoose a transformer winding transformer with pc power supply output is not thick enough I think. primary section 5 volt wire gauge adequate for the parallel port can be said that we use ends

But the number of turns of the output voltage is used for winding very thin and more 32 removes the problem volts autoleveling

I used to test the output transformer atx power supply connections

NOT 33 Ferrite cores used in the normal state of the power supply


Car amplifier to the use of the (contact numbers are given according to the circuit diagram)



like I said, I want to quit on the wide field of PCB transformer settled for current and voltage windings have two options is not suitable ei33 the nub roll the handing over with a thick wire or a different nucleus can use the public

diode bridge rectifier is used only on departure process, pc power supply circuit hurdalarından süktüğüm 12 volt output diodes used BYQ28E,What if F12C20C to bridge the gap 3 One sufficient


Sample connection diagram of diodes


Circuit, over-current,There are short-circuit protection 10k (P1) trimpot adjusted with dual LED common cathode (red, green,) the situation with the protection of the right connection gözlemliyebilirsiniz instant red led lights up green during normal operation



SMPS circuit for automatic operation of the system is running at half-time car rem (remote) has a connection to +12 Besides volt input fuse

If the car has run without installation in the section rem 12 v is probably campır instead of cable to be connected to remote kablosuda


Test Voltaj ölçümleri



2Finished version of X32 images Volt Auto SMPS Circuit


Caution: pdf file of important information for those who want to use the original pcb pcb reason I do not know, but the original drawing bc-type transistors, transistor layout aspects need to be careful that the opposite can see in the picture below

Pdf file, the list also given a list of materials with 10k resistors 1k resistor values ​​listed in the diagram note was written wrong Get your materials according to the circuit diagram


Aspects of the original pcb faulty faulty transistor

According to the statements in terms of the power supply circuit of the transformer and flexible power mosfet vary with changes in

Series Ferrite Cores ETD and the power table

ETD29 100 Number of turns of the primary winding W 2×6
ETD34 200 Number of turns of the primary winding W 2×5
ETD39 300 Number of turns of the primary winding W 2×4
ETD44 400 Number of turns of the primary winding W 2×3

Mosfet power table

BUK455-60A 100 Watt
BUK456-60A 200 Watt
STP50N06 200 Watt
STP60N06 300 Watt
STP80N06 400 Watt
IRF1010E 400 Watt
IRFZ44E 300 Watt
BUZ11 100 Watt
BUZ12 200 Watt

the control circuit to be flexible in terms of the integration of the best reasons for the choice not know the power TL494 (dbl494, ka7500) Although it is very cheap and it's easy resources produced nor sold reliable short-circuit protection circuit is also part of my work with integrating the different ideas that gave ;)

Sprint Layout PCB source circuit diagrams and explanations which I prepared with pdf files: TL494-by-2×32-volt-oto-amplifikator-glycine-SMPS-besleme-devresi.rar

Load tests after the LM3886 or TDA7294 amplifier circuit to a nice stereo with…

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