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Switch Mode Power Supply Application Report SMPS TNY264 Tinyswitch

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Integration with the firm produced the Tinyswitch TNY264 IC made with 5 volt smps circuit 2.5 w all the details (transformer information (efd cores), oscilloscope measurements of materials, construction, and testing stages, etc.) is transferred to the application report Switch mode power supply

Switch Mode Power Supply Application Report SMPS  TNY264 Tinyswitch tinyswitch tny264 5v smps circuit smpss switch mode power supply

Low profile offline SMPS switch mode power supply

Exhibitor: Weng Hoe Wong Joel Supervisor: Richard Cocks – The aim of this project is to produce a low cost Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) to power low energy embedded products. The module should be able to handle a wide range of input voltages and produce a steady output at 3 or 5 volts. In addition, the unit must produce power from 500mW to 2.5W with a maximum component height of 12.5mm.

With the completion of this project, I hope that the switch mode power supply can provide highly efficient power conversion in several countries. As the module is design to handle a universal input voltage range, this goal can be achieve.

The objectives of this project have been met as the final product has fulfilled all the specified parameters. However, if I were given a chance to re-design the power supply, I would use a masked PCB so that I can place the components closer to each other. That way, the size of the power supply will be further reduce. In addition, I would like to have multiple voltage outputs (by introducing more secondary windings) to improve the product’s functionality.

Source: http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~engg4801/ Alternative link: switch-mode-power-supply-application-report-smps-tny264-tinyswitch.RAR alternative link2 alternative link2

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