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TinyCAD under the GNU license distributed with C + + has accelerated electronic diagram drawing program TinyCAD free although very successful minor missing there, but very easy to use electronic CAD, EDA programs prices are high considering the many area chart drawing can be used in.

TinyCAD is a program for drawing circuit diagrams commonly known as schematic drawings. It supports standard and custom symbol libraries. It supports PCB layout programs with several netlist formats and can also produce SPICE simulation netlists.

Free Circuit Program

Free Circuit CAD Program TinyCAD tinycad sample schematic desing sema cizimi

TinyCAD you can download the program website: sourceforge-net-projects-tinycad

TinyCAD Extra library library files: sfriederichs-TinyCAD-Libraries

TinyCAD Program plain white in color when it first opened drawing area that can irritate a lot of people are accustomed to lattice-like appearance in the top menu “Options” in the setup menu ” Settings / Show the grid” should be selected

In the diagram, materials to be used in the top menu in the ” Library ” section “C: \ Program Files \ TinyCAD \ library ” folder in the component databases ( 74ttl.ldb , AC connectors.ldb , IC- opamp.mdb etc. ..) you are choosing them in other programs we are accustomed to material library files

In the left menu now includes a list of materials you will use in the diagram drawing area, double-click with the mouse over the material you are leaving after placing the elements do not want to use the same element again Right click with the mouse .

Ways thickness , material name numbers, protel pcb that you can use in other programs , such as net list preparation, writing , etc. Create various shapes . has many features schema after preparing in the top menu ” File” from the chart the program’s own file format ( . dsn ( isis nothing to do with ) ) can record image format ( png, bmp, emf) can export .

TinyCAD about the use of a sample video I prepared the diagram drawing how easy will find that the more the program’s top menu ” Help” section of the ” Open TinyCAD user manual” button in PDF format user manual ( in English) to be opened

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