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Texas Instruments has produced many integrated programs prepared for the calculations you can use online as offline, some works directly through the site some examples in excel format Shunt Regulator tl431 Design program are prepared for Office 2007 programs to run on, you must enable macros

Texas Instruments Electronic  Calculator Programs tl431 shunt regulator design excel

Electronic Calculator Programs List

dcpfreetool software plug-in to code composer studio
tl1451 design calculator
tl431 component calculator
tlc555 component calculator
tps2350 design calculator
e24 4 band resistor color code chart
e96 5 band resistor color code chart
gc4016 designer’s utility kit
trf6900a loop filter utility
trf6901 loop filter utility
dac5687 component calculator
loopant-calc loop antenna calculator
ohmslaw-calc ohm’s law calculator
decibel-calc decibel calculates and converts
calculation utilities for analog & mixed signal
4 rescolor calc 4 band resistor color code calculator
5 cap val1020 calc calculator making 5% capacitor values from 10% and 20%
5 res color calc 5 band resistor color code calculator
adc-input-calc op amp to adc circuit topology calculator
antialiasing calc anti-aliasing calculation tool for a to d converters
buck-conv calc component calculator for buck converters
cdc-cdcm7005-calc cdc7005 and cdcm7005 pll loop bandwidth calculator
diff-amp-calc terminated differential line receiver calculator for resistor values
diffampgain calc gain and component calculators for differential op amps
freq-wave-calc calculates wavelength of a signal when frequency is known and vice-versa
fulldiffamp-calc fully differential amplifier component calculator
gain-stage-calc resistor selection tool for op amp gain stage
hysterfreq calc calculates frequency for hysteretic controllers
ina-cmv-calc calculate common mode range of instrumentation amplifiers
opamp-noise calc noise calculator, generator and examples
parallel res1 calc parallel resistor calculator when one resistor is known
parallel res calc parallel resistor calculator find optimum resistors
rc-filter-calc automatic resistor/capacitor calculator for passive filters
res1 val5 calc 1% resistor value out of resistors in the 5% sequence calculator
resistor-calc resistor calculator for op amp gain and zero shift
rf-filter-calc ism band rf loop filter calculator
rf-power calc power calculator utility
series cap calc series capacitor calculator
std resval calc standard resistor value selection calculator
tps2370 or 71 calc design-in calculator for tps2370 or tps2371
tps2375 or 77 calc design-in calculatorfor tps2375 or tps2377
tps2392 software design calculation tool
tps2398or99calc design-in calculator for tps2398 or tps2399
tps23xx calc component calculator for tps230x/1x/2x/3x
tps2490or91 calc design-in calculator for tps2390 or tps2391
tps6104x calc component calculator for tps61040 and tps6141
tps6734 calc component calculator
tps7x01 calc calculates parameters for tps7x01
trf3761 calc trf3761 loop filter calculator
trf6903 easyrf tool trf6903easyrf
uc3914 design-in calculator
ucc28221 mathcad calculation utility
ucc35705 or 6 calc design-in calculator for ucc35705 or ucc35706 high speed voltage mode pulse width modulator
ucc38050-calc mathcad calculation tool for ucc38050 transition mode pfc controller
ucc3913 design-in calculator
volt-divider-calc voltage divider determines a set of resistors for a voltage divider
xtr-error-calc current transmitter component calculator

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