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Symmetrical Single Source Supply Circuit

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Sometimes this type of power converter circuits is getting a much needed low-profile single-supply circuitry divides symmetrically fed through the circuit can run.

LM741 op-amp voltage follower 741 is used as the circuit with 18 resistance opamp output voltage is taken from the referents by the formation of the symmetrical voltage is converted into 0-end circuit has been tested by me.

Note: opamp is used to supply the voltage to split you will use the integrated power supply voltage according to the value of the voltage min max input voltage, use appropriate

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This is just a kind of accessory that turns your unbalanced sources symmetrical. However, only into small output, mainly to supply backrest and similar low-end applications failing to hand full symmetric source.

Complete instructions came in A-Radio – Kit and structures 5/2001. The principle activity was simple. Applied voltage parts (halves) resistor divider R1 and R2. To avoid thus formed middle voltage soft and is connected operational amplifier IC1 via the T1 gives complementary pair of terminal transistors T2 and T3. If the consumption of output symmetrical and runs through end transistors minimum current, therefore requiring little cooler. In the original circuit is T1 BC546. I for sure used a BC639 (needed to amend the proposal DPS).

Symmetrical Single Source Supply all files: symmetrical-single-source-supply.rar

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