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Switched Fast Battery Charger Circuit TEA1102

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Charging circuit makes a multipurpose complex issues, technical service, ideal for different switching (SMPS) used in this etd29 transformer winding direction indicated by the wire diameter photos

NiCad, NiMH, Li-Ion, SLA and Lead Acid battery and quick charger for batteries 1.2Volt, 2.4Volt, 3.6Volt, 4.8Volt, 6Volt, 7.2Volt, 8.4Volt, 9.6Volt, 12V, 14.4Volt stage. Lead acid battery for SLE and limited charging and voltage drop voltage, over-temperature protection for the increase (DT – DTE for Nicad & NiMH)

Full-charge detection, short circuit protection and LED indicators located 4Ah 2Ah 1.2Ah also have timing control for integrated circuits based on the hfc4020, hfc4093, tea1102

Switched Battery Charger Project

Switched Fast Battery Charger Circuit  TEA1102 TEA1102 fast charger

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TEA1102 Fast Battery Charger Circuit schematic pcb files alternative links: switched-fast-battery-charger-circuit-tea1102.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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