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TDA8920 Class-D Amplifier Circuit

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TDA8920 Class-D circuit is to use two circuits TDA8920 in bridge mode connection (BTL). Circuit TDA8920 works with the internal oscillator, whose frequency can be set using the the external elements. The manufacturer recommends that, in the application of multiple circuits in a single device to use for synchronization of circuits external oscillator.

TDA8920 Class D  Amplifier Circuit tda8920 pcb class d power amplifier tda8920

Circuit TDA8920 is manufactured in two types of cases. Indications BJ’s carries the circuit with case DBS23P. This is a plastic case with 23 pins designed for the classic assembly. Circuit with the designation of BTH is integrated into the housing HSOP24, which is intended for surface (SMT) assembly. For the construction of the circuit was selected TDA8920

TDA8920 also checks the parameters of the input voltage, it therefore includes the surge and undervoltage protection, protection against unbalance supply voltage. Surge protection is triggered if the supply voltage exceeds ±33V. In such a case, the circuit is switched off and to turn on only after a reduction of the voltage to the allowable level. In case of a fall the supply voltage is below ±12.5 V is activated under-voltage protection. Occurs proper shutdown circuit, and every 100 ms is tested by voltage level. If the power supply voltage rises to the desired level, the circuit is again put into operation. The circuit is powered by a symmetrical voltage if the difference between the positive and negative supply voltage exceeds a certain level Vth, the circuit every 100 ms restarted.

Class-D Amplifier Circuit TDA8920

TDA8920 Class D  Amplifier Circuit btl pcb tda8920 high efficiency class d audio power amplifier

TDA8920 Class D  Amplifier Circuit srcb tda8920 class-d amplifier circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: tda8920-class-d-amplifier-circuit.rar alternative link2

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