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TDA7294 Bridge 300W Amplifier Circuit

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TDA7294 amp integrated circuit is made ​​with a lot, but I did share a few of them have been very good this circuit layout design can be said as in the original sound system.

1 x 100w power can be obtained with two TDA7294 TDA7294 with bridge connection can be taken 200w power supply voltage is kept low in this application gives you the power 150w per channel.

Symmetrical circuit supply voltage + – 25 volts DC suggested 2 × 18-volt AC 12 amp transformer used for the filter capacitor 4700uF instead of 6800uF good to use

TDA7294 Bridge 300W Amplifier Circuit tda7294 150w entegre anfi tda 7294

300W TDA7294 Bridge

TDA7294 Bridge 300W Amplifier Circuit tda7294 amplifier

application of TDA7294, is the bridge configuration (bridge), where two TDA7294, manage output. In this configuration, the value of the load must not be lower than 8 Ohm. The main advantages of this amplifier are: – High power with low voltage. – Considerable output power even with high load values ​​(16 Ohm). With a load of 8 Ohm speakers, and a voltage of ± 25 volts DC, maximum performance obtainable is 150W per channel, whereas with 16 Ohm load, and a voltage of ± 35 volts DC, will maximum of 170W per channel. This amplifier was tested with 2 speakers 300 watts of power and a load of 8 ohms and 12 inches, giving excellent performance.

Source: videorockola.com TDA7294 300W Amplifier Circuit schematic pcb files alternative link: tda7294-bridge-300w-amplifier-circuit.rar

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