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Headphone Amplifier TDA2822M

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According to the size of the force is quite a popular TDA2822M amplifier IC is used in computer applications, as well as headphone amp seslendirmesinin connection according to the shape of the stereo or bridge connection with single channel can give higher audio.

The author used as a headphone amplifier 4 ohm 8 ohm or 32ohm speaker kullaklıklar says that good results with high-impedance headphones (100 Ohm, 600 Ohm) talks about the perfect functioning of the circuit, but with the sound level is lower than the

TDA2822M amplifier circuit to 9v.work with connection diagram DC 15v single-source from the DC input socket on the F1 appearing on the sogorta pin socket. On a 6.3 mm jack input socket on the PCB. Note: this circuit is being used in the model are different … TDA2822 TDA2822M

Headphone Amplifier TDA2822M tda2822m kulaklik anfisi basit amfi devresi simple amplifier circuit headphone amplifier

source: faxter.es/Proyectos/Pr05DistribuidorparaauricularesDAU/tabid/109/Default.aspx alternative link: headphone-amplifier-tda2822m.RAR

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