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2.1 Amplifier Project TDA2050

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2+1 Amplifier Project using tone controls have the feature of entries 3 tda2050 ne5532 op amplar used 32w per channel power can give. Çaslışma symmetric DC voltage of the amplifier circuit 2x25v TDA2050 symmetric (transformer: 2x16v ac 100w) considering the power drop leg links is the same as the tda2040, can be used to control or filter or tda2030 lm1875 times you can use a different 2.1 amplifier circuits.

2.1 Amplifier Project TDA2050 tda2050 anfi tda wzmacniacz.jpg

Source: mirley.firlej.org/wzmacniacz_stereo_z_subwooferem alternative 2-1-amplifier-project-tda2050.rar alternative link3

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