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TDA2050 32W amp (LM1875 TDA2030A pcb compatible)

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TDA2050 amplifier circuit used in the same pcb but if you want you can use the LM1875 or TDA2030A integrate these different legs of the same power connections. lm1875 a maximum of 20 watts and 18 watts in 2030 will use for these two integrated AC voltage transformer 13.13. Should have done more to integrate all so much heat on low cost materials found in piayasa a simple amp circuit PCB drawing of the amplifier (. Layer) Sprint layout view and print output for free to get prepared with Sprint Layout Viewer

TDA2050 32W amp (LM1875 TDA2030A pcb  compatible) anfi sogutucu

PCB design quite ideal for cooler installation cost would be a good choice for people who do not want more power you can use the integrated voltage to determine the materials and work according to the datasheet of integrating their views do not forget to

source http://alex-jet.narod.ru/ TDA2050 32W amp pcb schematic alternative link: tda2050-32w-amp-lm1875-pcb-tda2030a-compatible.rar

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