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Active Subwoofer Bass Filter Circuit TDA2030 Amplifer Project

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amplifier tda2030-circuit based on lm1875, tda2040, can be used instead of the tda2030 tda2050 pcb design is quite small volume control potentiometer attached to power supply filter capacitor on the pcb can be used with different bass filter amplifier circuits made with tl074

Getting the signal from the speaker has another advantage namely allows you to keep a constant volume ratio of the subwoofer to a stereo system. Strengthening the subwoofer channel can be adjusted via a potentiometer. After filtering off the high-frequency signal is amplified by means of the TDA2030, or the like. The board is designed to allow the system to work TDA2030, TDA2040 and TDA2050 (after replacing the associated components). This gives you the ability to tune the output to your liking and your amp. The device was created as a complement to the project 2x15W amplifier, hence the shape of a plate, matching the length of the previous one. In the present project is working successfully powering circuit TDA2040 subwoofer Tonsil GDN 30/60/1 company.

TDA2030 Subwoofer Amplifer Circuit

Active Subwoofer Bass Filter Circuit TDA2030 Amplifer Project tda2030 bass anfi 150x150

Stereo signal is fed to the input terminal In (HEADER), using C1 (100nF) and R1 (2.2 M) in the first channel, and C2 (100 nF), and R2 (2.2 M) in the second channel, it goes to the inverting input of the amplifier operating U1A (TL074). Potentiometer P1 (220k) working in the feedback amplifier U1A allows gain control of the entire system. Next the signal is fed to the filter elements of the second government of U1B (TL074), R3 (68k), R4 (150k), C3 (22nF) and C4 (4.7 nF), who works as a Butterworth filter. Through the circuit C5 (220nF), R5 (100k) signal goes to the follower U1C and then through C6 (10uF) at the input of the power amplifier U2 (TDA2030).

Source: elektroda.pl TDA2030 Subwoofer Amplifer Project schematic pcb files alternative link: active-subwoofer-bass-filter-circuit-tda2030-amplifer-project.rar

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