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TDA2005 amplifier circuit 22W 12V

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TDA2005 amplifier circuit with the output power of the DC working voltage 6V 22w 18v supply from a single source that can be operated on battery in the car is already being used in many car stereo.

The current drawn by the circuit (max) – 3 Amps
No-load current drawn – 75 mA
Frequency band – 40 … 20,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion – 1%
Sensitivity – 300 mV
Amplification factor – 50 dB

TDA2005 amplifier circuit 22W 12V tda2005 amfi tda2005 amplifier circuit

TDA2005 PCBs belong to the integrated amp circuit schematics, printed circuit board layout drawings and material lists have quite small in size

Source: psc-audio.ro alternative link: tda2005-amplifier-circuit-22w-12v.rar

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