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Bridging 20W Amplifier Circuit TDA2005

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TDA2005 stereo integrated amp powering two kanel 2x10watt 20watt single channel mono bridge connection gives you the power. Between the supply voltage dc 18w 8v .

20w bridge amplifier for car radio

High output power : PO = 10 + 10 W@RL = 2W, d = 10% ; PO = 20W@RL = 4W , d = 1%. High reliability of the chip and package with additional complete safety during operation thanks to p.rotection against :

  • . output dc and ac short circuit to ground
  • . overratingchip temperature
  • . load dumpvoltagesurge
  • . fortuitous open ground veryinductive loads

source: TDA2005-amplifier-circuit TDA2005 amp circuit diagram, pcb: Alternative link: bridging-20w-amplifier-circuit-tda2005.zip

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