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TDA1562Q Car Amplifier Circuit

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I tested a working amplifier circuit TDA1562Q made ​​with two pieces of the price a little expensive (8 .10 YTL vicinity), but the performance is pretty good, stereo want to use

Car Amplifier circuit wiring diagram TDA1562Q

TDA1562Q Car Amplifier Circuit anfi baglanti semasi tesisat 150x150

Note: For the sake of clarity of the drawing next to the socket erased some elements of this transaction was done just to make it look neat circuit wiring diagram is as in the original file

With very few passive components can make a quality car amp tda1562q

TDA1562Q Mono Amplifier Op Amp Preamp

TDA1562Q Car Amplifier Circuit tda1562 mono

source : chrudim2000.cz

All tda1562q circuits alternative link (mono-stereo): tda1562q-car-amplifier-circuit.rar

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