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TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit

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Friends circuit is designed by me and has been working super efficient. 4700 uF 4 years of neglect, especially in trafoyu down tank 60w super efficiency of using 100% guarantee that you will receive. 4 pcs 4700uF filtering sound quality is excellent and high-pitched voice cracking in 4 100nF whine moan as I did with no problem. Enjoy plug-and-see materials …

TDA1554 lowest 6V supply voltage 14v maximum 18v single source supply is normal. If the amp can be used as feed to the transformer auto transformer is suitable 2x12V

2x12V Transformer supply

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit besleme devresi 12v

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit tda1554 pcb ust

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit tda1554 anfi pcb

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit tda1554 son

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit tda1554 stereo

TDA1554Q stereo 22W power amplifier

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit tda1554q

The TDA1554Q is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 17-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic power package. The circuit contains 4 x 11 W single-ended or 2 x 22 W bridge amplifiers. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.

· Requires very few external components
· Flexibility in use – Quad single-ended or stereo BTL
· High output power
· Low offset voltage at outputs (important for BTL)
· Fixed gain
· Good ripple rejection
· Mute/stand-by switch
· Load dump protection
· AC and DC short-circuit-safe to ground and VP
· Thermally protected
· Reverse polarity safe
· Capability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V)
· Protected against electrostatic discharge
· No switch-on/switch-off plop
· Low thermal resistance
· Identical inputs (inverting and non-inverting)
· Flexible leads.

TDA1554Q 2X22W Amplifier Circuit pcb schematic: tda1554q-2x22w-amplifier-circuit.rar

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