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20Hz 25kHz Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit TDA1514A

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20 Hz to 25 kHz TDA1514 amplifier integrated subwoofer amp used in the cabin floor bass filter TLC272 opamp used symmetrical +-27v supply voltage to feed the olrak opamp zener diode made ​​R12 regulated.

TDA1514A TLC272 20Hz 25kHz RMS 32Watt TDA1514A Aktivbox – This NF-performance amplifier module is equipped with a 230-V power supply equipment and provides 32 W / sinus an 8-ohm speakers. The module is designed for the rear Installation in loudspeakers designed so that a simple way Aktivbox powerful.

For active speakers (with built- AF power amplifier ) there are many uses . Thus, a Active speaker in the musicians’ area as a monitor serve , or audio devices with low Output receive a corresponding Power amplifier . With the here featured amplifier module and a existing 8- Ω speaker system with at least 32 W sine – continuous load may now in a simple way powerful active speaker with very good created technical data in DIY Among the most important technical data a part of the 3-dB bandwidth of 20 Hz to

Subwoofer Amplifier Project

20Hz 25kHz Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit TDA1514A anfi bass anfi filtre rms subwofer tda1514a tlc272 subwoofer anfi

25 kHz and low distortion, which in Sheet with max. – 80 dB, typical – 90 dB indicated at full load. The sine continuous output power is the data sheet with 32 W into 8 Ω specified, while a Music power of 42 W is available stands. The block diagram in showing the internal structure of the TDA 1514 A in SIL9P housing.

20Hz 25kHz Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit TDA1514A download: 20hz-25khz-subwoofer-amplifier-circuit-tda1514a-pcb.rar

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