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50W Amplifier Circuit TDA1514

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TDA1514 stereo previously had shared 2 × 50 amp circuit, see: TDA1514A high performance HiFi 2X50W amp circuit

This circuit can be used for single-channel 50w output printed circuit sizes quite small and symmetrical placement of smooth supply voltage can be between 2 × 10 volts, 30 volts 2x material list diagram, PCB drawings are upside down.

50W Amplifier Circuit TDA1514 tda1514a integrated circuit hi fi power amplifier

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TDA1514 Amp PCB

50W Amplifier Circuit TDA1514 tda1514 pcb

TDA1514 50W Amplifier Circuit Bill of Materials;

50W Amplifier Circuit TDA1514 tda1514 parts

TDA1514A integrated circuit is a hi-fi power amplifier for use as a building block in radio, tv and other audio
applications. The high performance of the IC meets the requirements of digital sources (e.g. Compact Disc equipment).
The circuit is totally protected, the two output transistors both having thermal and SOAR protection

  • Low harmonic, intermodulation, offset voltage distortion
  • Good ripple, Thermal, Safe Operating Area (SOAR) prejection
  • Mute/stand-by facilities
  • Protected against electrostatic discharge
  • No switch-on or switch-off clicks
  • Very low thermal resistance
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