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White Led Bulb Modification

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Previously, “Night Lamp with White Led, 20 pcs economical lamp with white LEDs project and 220volt with 19 pcs white LED energy saving lamp practices were shared’ll talk about saving bulb on the application made ​​by removing the original parts.

White Led Bulb Modification beyaz led devre semasi 120x120 White Led Bulb Modification beyaz led masa lambasi 120x120 White Led Bulb Modification beyaz led sema lamba 120x120 White Led Bulb Modification tasarruflu ampul direnc led yerlesim 120x120

Half-6 white LEDs used LEDs on the power supply directly to 220v mains voltage are taking over the 220v mains voltage 2 3.9k 5w resistor delimited by the bridge diodes with doğrultuluy the 4.7uF 400volt with the capacitor is filtered and 2.7km 5w stone resistance delimited by LEDs are applied.

White Led Bulb

CAUTION Be careful is working with high voltage capacitor circuit connections Beware + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles

Source: http://www.neoteo.com/diy-lampara-de-bajo-consumo-led.neo”>http://www.neoteo.com/diy-lampara-de-bajo-consumo-led.neo

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