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Microcontroller Controlled VU Meter Circuit

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KA2281 integrated circuits, LM3914, etc. According to the vu meter circuits with this circuit has been built on microcontroller circuit pic16f88 stereo really super 2×16 total 32 or mono 16 led, 40 can be used in the form of a burning LEDs the led dot bar looks very nice, but very complicated in different functions have led links the author has prepared a simple printed circuit board with a practical method vu meter circuit eagle schema, pcb drawings and follow the video source, you will see the hex codes for the given test asm, to-do list.

Microcontroller Controlled VU Meter Circuit vumeter volume unit vu meter or standard volume indicator led leds audio bar

Source: s-o.webnode.cz/vu-metr/ alternative microcontroller-controlled-vu-meter-circuit.RAR alternative link3

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