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PIC12F629 Water Level Control Circuit Proton Basic

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This half of the water tank water level control or operate the wells. To measure the water level in the tank is used three level probe. These plastic-sheathed conductor rods. Probe to determine the level of the top of the water. B probe would be the lowest level of the water determines the C probe on the bottom of the tank or the tank is metal probe to be connected to the outer frame. Its task is that of water into the electric current amount. Thanks to this current probe connected to other transistors trigger. Depending on the transistor optocouplers logic sends a command to the PIC pins. Of optocoupler (4N25) intended use of the water in the tank for any reason, is a high-voltage electrical leakage to prevent the deterioration of PICs.

When you first run the circuit, the PIC controls the A and B probes, respectively, and one of them almost immediately filling tank engine runs idle. GP3 pin PICs switch connected to the water pump motor controls. Tank during filling pump motor does not work. When the water level reaches the probe filling the engine stops and the GP3 engine is no longer connected to the pump, from this moment you can use with the key. During pumping water if the water level falls below the B probe and tank filling pump motor stops the engine starts to run until the possible taki probe.

Water Level Control Project Schematic

PIC12F629 Water Level Control Circuit Proton Basic ac kontrol su seviye pic12f629 moc3010 bta26 150x150

If you fill the water tank filling process gerşekleşmess ie the water level when the engine first tries to probe B in 1 minute ulaşmass water refilling engine automatically stops and the ERROR LED will start flashing. From this moment the water level to B before reaching the pump and filling the engine work. In the ON-OFF switch to reset the circuit used.

PIC12F629 Water Level Control Circuit Proton Basic suseviye siviseviye kontrol devresi ac motor 150x150 PIC12F629 Water Level Control Circuit Proton Basic su seviye kontrol baski devre pcb 150x150

In addition, any of the optional circuit can remove the engine. If you use the example circuit in the well water here is not the filling process can only connect the pump motor. B is thereby reduced below the water level in the well pump when the engine is stopped or until the water level again function. When the water runs clear and full again, even though the pump motor will not start again. engine, with the key must be turned off and on again.

A ‘and B’ and B LEDs indicate the status of the probe.

PIC software is prepared with basic proton. PBP version of the software is further optionally and PIC12F629, PIC12F675 contains versiyonları.

Source files in the printed circuit board and Proteus 7.5 SP3 is available in simülasyonları. If you are using Proteus version does not comply with it within the folder “section isis” and “ARES region” Save whether you import files.

CIRCUIT is tested.

PIC12F629 Water Level Control Circuit Proton Basic Project files ( isis, ares, pic-basic, proton ) and the materials used in the circuit datasheet files: pic12f629-water-level-control-circuit-proton-basic.zip

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