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Arm Sumo Robot Project STM32F4

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Discovery ST Microelectronics ARM development STM32F4 production, based on experiments card to mini-water robot project that makes working with ARM beginners a good example for people TB6612FNG used for dc motor drive is used as a sensor Sharp GPY0D340K ..

Arm  Sumo Robot Project STM32F4 arm robot suma robot stm32f4 robot


“KAVSA” mini sumo using ARM processor, an ARM platform software development experimental mini-sumodur. PİC micro controller, nowadays almost all robot makers refers to the first kontrolördür. The fall of the ambient conditions, the magnetic field and the PİC voltage overload causing to Reset affected by vere. PİC’s for those who think that the border would be a good choice.

We’re not used to seeing robots and more fitted, we wanted to use the wheel. But of course this is embedding a design into almost all of the motor wheel.


Source: kasvaminisumo.blogspot.com alternative link: arm-sumo-robot-project-stm32f4.rar Prepared by: Ahmed Yasin CİVAN & Yigit Yildirim – thanks to the person who prepared Contributors

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